Monday, November 15, 2010

Symptoms of asthma can be treated with a roller coaster ride?

Not the most practical way to decrease the effects of asthma but...

A pair of Dutch researchers discovered that the symptoms of asthma can be treated with a roller coaster ride where among the recipients of this years lg Nobel awards, the annual tribute to scientific research that seems wacky but actually could have some real world applications.

This study here has more to do with how asthmatics perceive dyspnea during times of either positive or negative stress. It seems in this study that dyspnea seemed less after the ride on a roller coaster was over. To me it just seems like it can't breathe good because I'm scared versus the scary stuff is over and I feel better, but I thought is was a bit of interesting asthma research whether practical or not.

Take a look at this article on the lg Nobel Awards.

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