Thursday, September 23, 2010

Metabolism induced asthma?

A new study is showing that a poor diet and being inactive can increase the chances of kids to develop asthma, which is coined "Metabolism induced asthma".

The article can be read here: Poor Diet, Inactivity May Lead to Metabolism-Induced Asthma

This I've always had a sneaking suspicion of when we see people in the hospital who are obese and are taking inhalers and told they have asthma but with no actually family history of asthma. I do understand that obese people have shortness of breath due to increase body mass causing them to have a harder time taking a breath or just getting short of breath with exertion. Now I'm not sure I believe it's acutally "asthma" in those already obese people but as we all know if you lead a unheatlhy lifestyle you chances of having medical problems do increase a lot, so why should it not be possible for kids to develop asthma if they grow up with poor dietary habits and a inactive lifestyle? It's up to us parents to create a healthy lifestyle for our kids and be examples. Now don't get me wrong I have not problem with partaking in the good foods like pizza, cheeseburgers but moderation works well along with getting kids involved in active things like sports or just getting outside.

I was watching "The Biggest Loser" last night and there was some scary facts about our county and cities in general. I wish I had the direct quotes but I don't and cannot find a transcript online anywhere but here is just basics of what Jillian, Bob and Ali were saying that stuck out

-Our country is at the highest obesity rate in our history
-The 5 cities they went obesity was costing the city over $1 billion per year due to
hospital costs and other issues.
-Our countries hospital admissions have increased over the years due to a increase

All this in turn comes back around to us as hospital workers, we deal with the issues of people who are obese and in my opinion if doctors help patients lose weight versus just treating the symptom which present themselves these patients will have less hospital admissions, less medications to take and just be healthier in general. This in turn will save hospitals money in the long run along with helping keep insurance premiums down.

Now this is all just my personal opinion and I'm not some health nut who only weights 170lbs. I am 5'10" 230, but I hit the gym 4 days a week, lift heavy weights and try to eat decent except for some splurges and I like beer, but I can still run a couple miles at a time and I have to keep in shape to keep up with my wife she runs all the time and workouts out at the gym a lot to. This is stuff I like to do, it's instilled in me from my years of Football, Swim team, baseball, and 10 years in the military, I'm just putting this out there so people don't call me a hypocrite.

Anyways whats you opinion?

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A poor diet and lack of exercise can cause an imbalance in metabolism that may increase a child's risk of developing asthma, a new study suggests.

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