Friday, April 15, 2016

The good old days for helping asthmatics.

I present to you:

Dr. R. Shiffman's Asthmador Cigarettes.

     Apparently when doing some research Stramonium and Belladonna both have bronchodialation and anti-inflammatory properties.  Belladonna is also a type of Nightshade plant which was used as a poison in the middle ages.


Respiratory said...

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Respiratory Therapy Zone said...

Hi Douglas, can't say I've ever heard of those cigarettes before, but they seem very interesting to me! lol. I'm a new RRT grad and I'm looking to meet other respiratory bloggers. I started a blog to help RT students at I would love if you added my link to your sidebar so other student may find me! :) Feel free to reach out any time!

simran Kaur said...

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