Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lets Lighten it up a bit.

Ok so that last post was a bit on the downer side so now I have to lighten up the mood a bit with a anecdote from my wife and where she works. She is a ER nurse at a much bigger hospital than mine.

Anyways I thought this was hilarious.

A nicely dressed lady in her late 30's comes in complaining of stomach pains. My wife goes in to get her history and information about the complaint and the patient goes on telling her that she and her husband drank a big the night before and started playing around and her husband decided to try something new and use a beer bottle as a ----- on her and she awoke this morning with stomach pains. So off the xray she is sent for a abdominal series and the xrays come back to show a bottle cap insider of her. Yes the husband used a unopened bottle that seemed become open, OUCH I would think and where the hell did the beer go. Ok now that isn't the funny part. So the doctor does in to do a pelvic exam to get the bottle cap out, and after the exam he comes back out to the nurses station with a Budweiser cap in a biohazard bad and exclaims:

"DAMMIT, I said I wanted a Bud Light."

True story, what a great sense of humor this doctor has. ER's are always fun to hang around at they people there are a different breed, especially night shift ER personnel.

Drive on and go have a beer.