Friday, November 2, 2007

The Lungs have the Sound of Music.

Breath sounds, breath sounds, breath sounds. We all know and love them and listen to them daily but did you ever stop and think that there is a certain breath sound that you really enjoy hearing?

Fortunately tonight I have had the time to contemplate this and I came to the conclusion that there is a certain breath sound I really like the sound of. So much so that I much just try and get it onto my IPOD, or even better a ring tone.

So I'm sure everyone is in suspense wondering what the breath sound is that I find audibly pleasing, well wait no more because my favorite breath sound is the great and powerful CRACKLES!!! Why this one? Well it has a deeper bass sound and there is a range of pitches in this sound. The beginning of the crackles there is a faint noise of the crackling, then it gradually increases to the loudest sound, which this process in the musical world is called a crescendo, and then the process reverses and its gone. During the crescendo of a breath sound there is also the sound of the cracks, cracking on and off so you have a variety of sounds in this lung sounds. Yeah for pneumonia and CHF.

Anyways that's my take on my favorite lung sound, does anyone else have a favorite or is it just me? Could you imagine hearing Crackles or wheezes as a ring tone, would that not freak some people out. Oh my Gawd that person is having a Asthma Attack!!!!

Here is a website I found a long time ago called Lung Sounds, but on here are audio files you can click on and listen to different sounds I found this years ago in school and surprisingly it is still online and it is in my Respiratory Link section so enjoy.

Until next time Drive on RT's


sometimesibreathe said...

That link is excellent. The dummies we have in lab sound like robots.

devendra singh said...

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