Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Pouring!!!

Remember that "Wow it's been really slow for awhile now" thing I wrote a couple posts back? Well it's over now, tonight has become hell night, so I'm not able to blog about what I wanted to but I will at a later time.

Well I've been hit with a ton of COPD patients tonight along with multiple Chest Pain which cause use to do EKG's. It's just been crazy and we are assuming that it was the nicer weather that awoke all the bacterias up and now it's getting colder and we are expecting 3-9 inches of snow today, so yep weather and barometric pressure change can really effect those people with COPD and it's happening tonight at my little hospital. It's also happening at my wife's big hospital were she is a ER nurse, they have been just as busy.

Here in my little slice of heaven I am the only RT on a night so I'm running all over with the new patients we are getting and I'm only able to write a little due to forgetting to get the chance to do the controls on our ABG machines so I'm doing that now. Actually I walk into here one is stuck in the MS Windows start up screen and is spitting out paper as I speak slowly, now what the hell do I do? I'm not trained to mess with this type of problem, oh well we have 2 machines and I'm going to assume that the broke one will run out of paper soon.

Well enough typing for me right now the paper is yelping at me again so back out into the war against COPD and when this is over I have a couple days off to actually get to enjoy my Christmas presents.

I'm still driving on.


Freadom said...

Yep. Same thing is happening here.

Djanvk said...

Wow, funny how is happens in more than one place.