Thursday, July 3, 2008

Attempt to stop teen teen smoking

We all know that smoking makes you look really cool these days and who doesn't want to look the coolest ... well Teens of course.

Japan have rolled out a cigarette machine that is supposed to verify if you are of age to smoke or not. How this worked is the machine has a face recognition camera that supposedly can detect your age. Interesting enough, and of course it's in Japan where they are quite good a finding ideas for things via technology.

So now these machines have been rolled out onto the street and they did seem to be working until someone figured out a way to hack it. How you ask? Well the kids are able to use a picture of a someone older and hold it up to the machine and look at there you are verified.

Here is the link to the article: Linky

Why did I post this, well it relates to smoking and the fight against it. And of course us RT's are anti-smokers right! Just thought it was interesting and fun. People are trying to cut down smoking.



my-rt-life said...

That's interesting. Reminds me of reading about the medicinal marijuana vending machines in California.

Heidi said...

As a respiratory therapist I'm pro-smoking, although I admit I'd never touch the stuff cause it will kill you in a slow and painful way. But, it's fair to say that.....

Smoking = Job security

.....I'm just saying :)

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