Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Device helps a paralized person breathe.

Interesting respiratory related news, the FDA as approved a device called the NeuRx DPS RA/4 that can be implanted in the diaphragm which in turn stimulates the diaphragm and allows certain spinal cord injured patients to breathe for at least 4 hours a day off of the ventilator.

Here is a article to read more in this device. Diaphragm-Pacing Device.

This can definitely improve the quality of live for a person with paralysis. This device was approved by the FDA under the Humanitarian Device Exemption which is a approval process that in intended for devices that treat less than 4000 people per year.

I'm all for this, but really will be start seeing many people on this type of device? Is this something we might need to have a little training on? Who knows, I just thought it was interesting technology to know about.

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Chemotherapy said...

Nice Invention to help a paralyzed person.