Thursday, April 16, 2009

Need a Prayer for a young boy.

I'm posting this to reach out for a family I know who is having hard times right now with medical problems. The mother of this family is having to deal with her 9 year old son in a pediatric ICU and needs some extra prayers to get this boy to turn around. This 9 year old child has been having small strokes and is in and out of a coma. He was starting to turn around a little bit and was off he ventilator for a couple days then had another stroke which put him back in a coma state and again on the ventilator.

This child was born with hydroencephalitis and had an operation to place a shunt in his brain and the parents were told he would not live to be more than 2 years old. Well he is 9 and was doing everything a normal child would do, did good in school, loved the Iowa Hawkeyes, and played with his friends and brother. These current events started when he went in for a checkup on his shunt and things went bad, this was about 2 weeks ago. The medical staff at the medical center he is at are still trying to track down what is going on and the cause of the strokes but nothing is promising yet at this time, but we are still hopefull.

What makes this so hard for the mother of this child is that just over a year ago her husband, this boys father, lost out on his battle with brain cancer and he was only 39 years old. This woman now has to deal with her youngest son possible not pulling through which would be devastating to her as this would be 2 major losses to her family in under 2 years. Something like this would be hard to fathom by most people, and she has another son to stay strong for with all this going on.

I'm just asking for a little prayer, thought or anything just to help this family get through this time of need and sadness. I do believe there is the possibility of the power of prayer and thought to help people in need. Thank you for any thoughts and prayers, and if you where wondering, this boys name is Jack, and her is a HUGE Iowa Hawkeye's Fan like his father was.

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mama said...

oh that is sooo sad. i am a mom too and i feel for this happenings. any updates? i noticed that this post was as of last year yet.