Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Secret Book of Doctor Knowledge!!!

Doctors are a interesting bunch, there are good ones, interesting ones, bad ones, ones we are not sure how they got through medical school but overall they are a interesting bunch.

Something that sparked my interested is how a doctor will get on a certain type of treatment kick for awhile which will make us RT's look at each other and go hmm, where did this come from and why are we doing it?  This just doesn't make any sense to do this to every patient we see.

For instance we have 2 doctors in particular who get on these treatment kicks, right now one is on this Duoneb with Ezpap QID & Q4prn for anyone who has anything to do with Respiratory, seriously do we need to add Ezpap to a patients home regimine if there are not even in for Respiratory problems and does EzPap really help treat a patient with a history of COPD?  Then we have another Doctor who is on a Mucomyst kick for EVERYONE with nebulizer treatments, yes we get that D/C'd a lot curtosy of our protocols but they also have learned they can write NO RT Protocols and then we are stuck.  

There are cases of other doctors getting on certain treatment kicks like the Xopenex for everyone kick along with not following the company's drug reps recommendations on how to order Xopenex (not created to be used Q2 or continous, still makes heartrate go up), and I'm sure there are kicks that RN's see the doctors get on, but I don't deal with that side of the house.

So this makes me wonder if there is a Secret Book of Doctor Knowledge which has all the information why these treatement are the current "Cat's Meow" in the respiratory world of care because I've look everywhere for some definitive knowledge on how Mucomyst will help all patients or what good does EzPap do for a patient with COPD and this information has eluded me because I'm assuming it's in the Secret Book which of course if probably locked in the doctors lounge.  I just wish they would give us a quick in service on this instead of looking at us like we are stupid when we question these treatments.   

I'm sure these kicks will die down after awhile of use and go away until some other little bit of knowledge gets updated in this book like a Doctors version of Wikipedia, but it would be nice to just share a little bit of information to us troops in the trenches.

Drive on!!!

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Freadom said...

follow this link and scroll down. As you do so you'll learn what doctors are privy to.