Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't smoke with Oxygen: NO REALLY.

We always warn patients not to smoke with their oxygen running at the same time. Why? Because it's damn flammable!!! Well there is a lady in Michigan who not only didn't heed the warning not to smoke with oxygen running once but she did it twice, I guess old age does make you forget things.

Anyways here is a article about a 90 year old Ann Arbor Michigan lady who set her couch and herself on fire while smoking when using her oxygen delivery system.

Article about burning lady on oxygen.

We all know the people who have the old burn marks on their face like whiskers on a cat, but we can talk until we are blue in our faces about to smokers about the how flammable oxygen is, but there are still going to the stupid ones who don't believe us, Oh well we can only educate but cannot make them smart.

Check this image out of a burnt oxygen regulator for you entertainment...yes they do burn...HOTTTTT!


lil'jon said...

Hi, just found you blog and seems interesting. I am a fellow RT student. Not trying to be a pain and smart a$$ but as we all should know, oxygen is not flammable. It supports combustion but in itself, does not burn. It does though help anything that is flammable, i.e. o2 tubing, hair, to a and body parts... burn at an extremely fast and intense rate....just some food for thought... :) keep up the great blog work.

lil'jon said...

Please don't take offense to my comment by the way, as I know you know much more about respiratory and life in general than I do for sure and greatly respect your time serving for our great country. It's just a little pet peeve of mine about o2. :)