Friday, October 19, 2007

Why Respiratory?

So what makes a person want to become a Respiratory Therapist (RT)?

This isn't a job that most people think of to go to college for in high school, I know it wasn't mine because my thought in high school was to be Architect which also didn't happen. The Military was my calling, from there I just kinda fell into the job of RT.

Most people I have talked with over the years became a RT due to an opportunity to that brought the job or course of education to become a RT in front of them out of luck. Some reasons I have heard have been:
  • They are a asthmatic and have been around RT's.
  • Physical Therapist didn't pan out and they heard about RT.
  • Lost their Job and was given money to go back to school and it look like a good paying job.
  • Was looking for a medical Job that only took 2 years and RT sounded fun.
  • A parent was a RT and introduced them into the profession.
  • Didn't know what to major in, the Counselor suggested to look into it.
  • Ect Ect Ect....

Ok my story how I become a RT is that I was a combat medic on the Army and my 4 year Enlistment was coming to a end and I want something to make myself more marketable in the civilian world so I looked through the different medical military occupational specialties (MOS) I could go to in the military. The one that came up for me was Nuclear Medical Technician, sounded good so I signed up. About a month after I has submitted all my recommendations I received word that the last slot of the year was taken, needless to say by a soldier in my platoon. Well now either stay a medic (which is not all bad) or find something else. Started looking again and this 91V MOS came up and had a 3A bonus attached which amounted to about $12,000 bonus and of course money will spike your interest. Well guess what it happened to be Respiratory. Great a nice bonus, low promotion points to get promoted, now what does a RT do, something with breathing, I know what that respiratory system is, and here I am a RT.

I did a little more research before I went to the school, but when I signed up I didn't know much of that we did, I went for the money and it turned out pretty damn good. I got out of school, received my bonus and them my SGT stripes 3 months later and enjoyed my job, sweet deal.

Well that's my thoughts for today, I'm sure more RT's than any just kind of fell into this profession and didn't plan this out as a teenager. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.


Freadom said...

Great observation. I couldn't agree with you more.

lil'jon said...

Very true....I'm one of those severe asthmatic types. Though I didn't choose respiratory first. Spent three years in another major and then decided to switch. Old major was computer information systems. Seems to be a common major switch I also hear.

Michael Jones said...

Here is some more information about becoming an RT: