Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little bit about me

Well first posting on this blog, just wanted to say a little about me as a Therapist.

I've been a RT for 10 years now, received my training at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas through the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences. Here I earned the MOS 91V, or Respiratory Therapist. Nice way to go through school, 2 years crammed into 8 months. Basically 20 out of the starting 80 graduated, but attrition rate here. Anyway I did this for 4 years working as a RT in San Antonio Brooke Army Medical Center, El Paso Texas at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, then in Ft. Lee Virginia at Kenner Army Health Clinic. Before all this I was a Combat Medic for 6 years, and served in 2 conflicts during this time, Desert Storm and Somalia. So there you have it 10 Years of Army Medical training.

Well now I'm out of the Army since 1999, and have worked a some larger hospitals. Now currently working in a small hospital as a night shift therapist where we only have one therapist on during night shift. I like it that way.


Freadom said...

Wow, that's some great experience you have. Working as a night shift RT must be a nice break.

I too work solo nights. And when a day job opens up I'm going to have a good debate with myself of whether or not to take it. I've been next in line for 10 years (lol).

Djanvk said...

Its still hard to jump to a Day job, don't want to lose that Shift Diff. But I know what you mean, it would be nice to sleep normal hours.

It is easy to get stuff done during the day while everyone else is at work though. ;)