Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Request for Information.

We use the Voldyne Incentive Spirometer and it has the predicted volumes for patients with the age over 20.

But how do you calculate the predicted volume's for patients under the age of 20? We currently have a 13 year old patient who had surgery and the Doc wants I.S. done and we have a protocol on doing these but we cannot find a proper predicted volume.

If anyone has a chart or calculation for this could you do me a favor and leave a message with this information..

Thanks for any help.


The Anonymous Therapist said...

I don't know. I don't usually calculate volumes on IS, since (a) most of my patients don't get it anyway and (b) I've always felt that the effort was more important than the actual number.

Anyway, what I'd do is mark the 20-year old spot as the goal and see if the kid can peg it. If he can then he'll be fine.

Djanvk said...

You would think that someone has done something to get a idea on about values for a peds patient.

Freadom said...

I just checked, and my IS values are the same as yours. I agree with anonymous, I usually don't even bother to write down the predicted. On some patients I bipas the Is altogether and just have them do a deep breath with breath hold. In fact, I think that's more effective than an IS.

Is this kid compromised? Usually people under 20 are pretty healthy, with good lungs, and don't need an IS.

Anyway, I'm no help either. I guess you'll just have to get your calculator out and figure out the formula backwards. You are good at math, aren't you?

Djanvk said...

We have docs who want at least 50% of the predicted volume. So thats why we are looking for a volume