Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We have a Drought!!!

This is just a FYI and a call for anymore information.

So my little department here is down to just 2 Nasal Cannula Humidifiers (AKA Bubblers) here in my hospital. Where have they all gone?

OK word around here has it that the FDA has decided to put stronger rules or whatever on the Sterile water for Inhalation and how it's made and packaged, so they have not stopped the companies from making anymore at this time. What more do they want? Extra sterilization, better packaging, fruity flavors? Hell I don' t know.

What I do know is that is what we are told here at my Cave and that there is a nationwide shortage now of Bubble humidifiers for nasal cannulas. Has anyone else head of anything about this, or can anyone find any articles on this topic that is current ... I have found some from 2003 but am looking for something more current.

Oh well just thought this was interesting and would like to know if anyone else out there in Respiratory land has been told anything.

Drive on and keep em breathing.

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Freadom said...

Huh, never noticed a shortage at our hospital. Sterile is sterile, isn't it? I think flavored water would be a big hit.