Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google Health.

Just a quick post here about the recently released:

Google Health

I've been playing around with it a bit and it does seem like it could some in pretty handy and informative for someone who uses medications and has multiple medical problems.

You can put in your medications here and it will show indications, contraindications and possible problems if you have incompatible medications, which is good so you don't become like Heath Ledger.

One thing I'm not to sure of on this site is the ability to upload your medical records to the site. I'm thinking some kind of privacy issues here, but on the other hand it's Google and if they do share your information you can definitely win a large sum of money from a lawsuit.

Overall it looks very promising as all Google products seem to be, I do like the idea of all my information, calendar's, email and other information in one place. Google is a well respected name and is probably trustworthy. It's probably something that could help people keep their medical information organized, plus there is a nice print function that will print all your information out so you can go to the doctor with your medication listing and prior procedures and hospitalizations. That is good because I see a lot of people come in with written lists of their own information and with the computer age and Internet being so big now this can be a easy way to pull up your information from anywhere really.

I'm liking Google's response to Microsoft ’s HealthVault (which launched last October), Revolution Health, and Aetna’s SmartSource, because is uses Google clean interface with nothing really distracting on the screen.

I'm not Pro Google or Microsoft or anything but I just really enjoy technology and of course the way it can interact with health care.

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I'll have to check this out.

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