Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healthcare Workers Week? HUH.....

Is it just here at my hospital or is everyone celebrating Health care Workers Week 2008? Tonight there was cake and other food items being brought around to the different departments for this particular week. This happens to be Health care workers week 2008, now I don't remember a version of this for 2007 or any year prior to this year. Is it a new thing we get to add on to our calendar as a hospital worker.

Really this isn't a bad thing, we got cake, pens, sticky notepads, and from what the hospital grapevine is saying we are getting a rolling cooler that can hold 36 cans of your favorite beverage. You can't get much better than that. Maybe this can make up for nothing being done for us up here in my small hospital for Respiratory Care week 2007.

Has anyone ever stopped and looked at all the so and so special weeks, months and days there happens to be in a hospital? Seriously there are a lot and just for an example here are some of them I see posted on walls and flyer's:

  • Nurses Week
  • Respiratory Week
  • Radiology Week
  • Doctors Appreciation Week
  • Bosses day
  • Breast cancer awareness month
  • Spinal Health week
  • ect. ect. ect.....
You get the picture, if you really look around at the hospital you work at I'm sure there is some appreciative day, month or week going on, because of course there is a special week for any profession that seems to work in a hospital. So really maybe this Health care workers week is just a way to consolidate everything into one Christmas like holiday thing for the hospital.

"Jingle Stethoscope, Jingle Stethoscope, jingle on your chest..."
"Here comes Dr. Claus, Here comes Dr. Claus right down the hallway..."
"We wish you a merry health care workers week, we wish you a ......"

In actuality these different profession do deserve a bit of appreciation every now and then and I have nothing against these different appreciation weeks and all but I just thought it was interesting how many there actually are, and now there is another one here for use to be happy for because we get cake and things with the hospital logo on it. WooHoo free stuff.

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Freadom said...

It's politics. When I was in college, we had hotdog week, hamburger week, pick your nose day, black history week, gay pride week, yogurt month...

After a while you stop paying attention to it all.

Unless you get free stuff.