Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stop and put you hand on that person.

I'm coming up on my re certification of my CPR card very soon and I was looking around on the guidelines at the American Heart Association to see if there are any new changes, and wow did I see something different:

Hands Only CPR.

There are only 2 Steps to save a person's life:

1) Call 911
2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

So I started looking around a little bit and from what I understand is that this simplifies the process for the standard layperson. Just make a phone call and press that chest.

This is just for a adult who was witnessed collapsing not someone who possibly has been down for awhile or a drowning victim. So basically if you see someone collapse just start pressing that chest. Easy right.

One of the big things I see this helping is the though of most people that they don't want to put their mouth on a strangers mouth for fear of disease, this is understandable and this technique removes that problem. Also this is a very simple process so the person who is going to do CPR doesn't have to worry about not remembering the proper steps to do CPR. These 2 factors could possibly help a person faster than before because now maybe people will be quicker to react and not hesitate because fear of doing this wrong or getting their mouth on a strangers mouth, unless of course it is some Hot person you would want to put your mouth on.

Back to the topic at hand. Of course is this is the full standard now there would really be no need for a CPR class because it would take like 2 minutes to teach, so no this isn't all there is anymore you still need to learn the regular way for if you find someone down and not sure how long they were down. This also isn't for the pediatric population only for Adults witnessed collapsing.

Hopefully this isn't old news to everyone but I found it interesting, now to sign up for my CPR class and get this over with.

Drive on RT's.


Freadom said...

Statistics show there is like a 2% chance of getting a disease by doing mouth to mouth. Yet, I've been a fan of "CPR" only since I went to RT school. It's an ideal whose time has come, but about 10 years later than it should have.

Freadom said...

I said CPR only. I meant chest compressions only CPR.